A swan is sitting on the water in front of the name schuontes pottery.

Where Art and Nature Meet

Experience the Fusion of Art and Nature with my Pottery, Crafted with Joy and Whimsy.

A collage of different types of pottery.
A blue bowl with a frog on it

Unique Handcrafted Porcelain

Welcome to Schwantes Pottery, where the alchemy of clay meets the skill of my hands. With every
spin of the wheel, I infuse personality and artistry into every design, whether it's a simple mug or an
intricate sculpture. Each piece has its own unique personality, and connection to the wild.

Crafted with Care

At Schwantes Pottery, I don't just form clay; I sculpt stories. Combining classic wheel techniques with hand-building methods, I bend clay into non-traditional forms, all connected to nature, where the different elements combine to convey a simple narrative.

A room filled with lots of different types of pottery.

Resilient Porcelain!

Looks can be deceiving—my pottery may be whimsical, but it's built tough. Crafted from sturdy mid-range porcelain and sealed with food-safe glazes, each piece marries durability with style. Dishwasher safe? Microwave-friendly? Absolutely. My pottery thrives on the daily hustle.

Join the Pottery Party

Ready to add a touch of whimsy to your life? Explore my collection of functional and sculptural pottery that's as unique as you are. Because life's too short for boring tableware—let's make every meal a masterpiece!