Spinning Stories in Clay

Welcome to the realm of handmade pottery, where ancient wheel techniques intertwine with modern sculptural methods. As each piece takes form, I seek out the latent story waiting to be told. These aren't just pottery pieces; they're vessels that serve a purpose, weaving together the web of life with every curve and contour.

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Embracing Nature's Beauty

As an observer of nature, I’ve become a collector. I press leaves, flowers, and all sorts of organic treasures into soft clay, creating a lively setting for my sculpted creatures. Then, to enhance the scene, I introduce more inhabitants painted with stained slip. It's like curating a miniature ecosystem where art and nature intertwine.

Two lizards are sitting in a bowl of water.

Rooted in Nature's Cradle

Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions and crafted from earth's raw materials, my pottery is like a friendly reminder from Mother Nature herself. It's as if she's saying, "Hey, don't forget about me!" Let's laugh together and celebrate the joy of handmade treasures that connect us to the beauty of the natural world.

A series of photos showing different types of mugs.

Artist Statement

As a potter, I blend traditional wheel techniques with hand-building methods, crafting pieces that integrate utilitarian foundations with images and small sculptures. I focus on the relationship between animals, plants, and their environment.

To make the organic authentic, I press fresh leaves and found objects into soft pottery slabs, creating a natural backdrop for sculpted creatures. Additionally, I use stained slip to depict more plants and animals, immersing viewers in each piece.

Rooted in ancient tradition and sourced directly from the earth, my pottery serves as a reminder of our natural surroundings' significance. I intend to generate delight with my pottery, inviting viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness of our environment.

Join the Adventure

Ready to embark on a clay-filled adventure? Lose yourself in a world where frogs guard your salad and teapots tell tales. Whether you're a seasoned traditional pottery enthusiast or just looking for a good chuckle, there's something here to tickle your funny bone and ignite your imagination. Visit the gallery page to view my artistic creations.