A group of four cups sitting next to each other.

Handcrafted Pottery Collection in Columbia, SC

Step into my world and discover my array of handmade pottery, each crafted with love and care just for you. While I kindly ask for approximately 4 weeks for delivery, if you have a special deadline in mind, let us talk about it. Whether you're eyeing a specific item or want to explore my pottery that is available in local galleries, drop me an email, or make an appointment to visit in person if you're nearby. And for all the nitty-gritty details about shipping, refunds, and exchanges, you'll find everything you need at the bottom of this page.

Porcelain Mugs and Cups

Dive into my collection of porcelain tableware, each glazed with commercial food-safe glazes to ensure your tableware is not only beautiful but also entirely practical.

Mugs are always white inside, so you see exactly how much coffee you've poured (even when your eyes are barely open). Wine goblets stand tall and proud (each slightly different, so you'll never grab the wrong glass at a party). My pieces are crafted with care and a touch of whimsy.

Three blue and green pitchers are sitting on a table.

Mugs: $35

A cup with leaves on the handle and a mug in it.

Dragonfly Mugs: $45

Platters and Bowls

My platters and bowls aren't just containers; they're conversation starters. Whether it's a creature making its way to guard your food, or petals shaped with the care only a loving hand can provide, each piece is a testament to the blend of functionality and fantasy.

And yes, they're strong enough to withstand a dishwasher or microwave, but treat those pointy petals with a bit of extra care.

A pair of green and blue wine glasses.

Wine Goblets: $30

A group of blue cups sitting on top of a table.

Stemless Wine Cups: $20

A lizard sitting on top of a flower.

Platters With a Creature: $225
Matching Small Trillium Bowl: $35

Trillium Servers and Nesting Bowls

Entertain with elegance with my Trillium servers and nesting bowls. Designed for dips, veggies, and anything else you can imagine, these pieces are both beautiful and practical.

A bowl with a plant inside of it

14-Inch 5-Petal Bowl With Creatures and Raised Foot: $225

A blue bowl with a flower design on it.

9-Inch 3-Petal Trillium Serving Bowl: $65

A group of five bowls that are made from clay.

​6-Inch 3-Petal Bowl That Will Nest Inside a 9-Inch Bowl: $35

A bowl and plate are sitting on the table.

Trillium Servers 10 Inches Across: $100

A bowl with a green and blue design on it.

9-Inch Bowl With a Creature: $100

Your Satisfaction is My Priority

When you reach out to me, we'll dive into the details together—dimensions, sizes, usage, and care—to ensure you're getting the perfect piece tailored just for you. Since my pottery sculptures are lovingly handmade, expect a touch of uniqueness in every creation. While they may not be identical twins, rest assured they'll share the same charming style. And if there are any variations that catch your eye, don't hesitate to let me know!

My Promise to You

Your happiness is paramount, so if you receive an item that doesn't quite spark joy, simply drop me a line. I'm here to help! While return shipping is on you unless there's a fault, I recommend handling your parcel carefully and ensuring it is safe for travels. I'm dedicated to ensuring your porcelain experience is nothing short of delightful.

Shipping Information

For shipping information, please reach out to me at [email protected] with your US zip code. I'll be happy to provide you with the shipping costs and any other information you need to ensure your pottery reaches you safely and in perfect condition.